Well is this The END? of E-TARD.TV

I told all you I would have my Live Streaming Webcam back up & running by August-2016.
Well things did not work out that way.

.1 The lawsuit ended & I got very little for almost dying. 😒
.2 I have been out of work for sometime now. (Work is hard to come by where I am in the Bay Area.)

So with all of that & the fact that ShitBook aka Facebook😒 now has Live Streaming for anyone. (Also lets not forget about Periscope & YouTube-Live etc…)
I now have come to a hard decision about E-TARD.TV & that is unless something changes.
Where I have the money I need to do this ($980 a year for everything) or unless you viewers start to give me donations.
I will be shutting down E-TARD.TV & E-TARD.NET on February 6th 2017 for good.
I’m doing this because I have been offline from mid 2012 & I feel now my Lifecast will be cheapen
by Facebook, Periscope & YouTube-Live in the coming year. Unless I can get my Live Stream back online & start rebuilding my audience, this may be the END.
If this is the end of E-TARD The LifeCaster then this really sucks. Because I started my LifeCast on September 5th, 2006 and had been streaming until mid 2012 when I no longer had the money to keep the live video stream online.
I know what some of you are thinking. “Why not use one of the Free third party streaming services?” They are fine if you are Streaming for the hell of it but if you are trying to make something out of your Stream then they will fuck you over in the end. Also they are full of ads, you are better off doing it on your own then using one of them.

What happens next?

After my website go’s offline I will no longer use the E-TARD name & all of my profiles will no longer be used.
I will go back to doing what I use to do before my lifecast.
Before my lifecast I never really took part in most of the net. I never left a comment on a blog post, I never took part on social networking websites, I never really left my own little part of the Net.
The feeling my lifecast gave me, changed in me in many ways.
I felt I finely found what I lost so long ago. I will miss having my LifeCast.

To all of my Fan’s

I want to say I will miss all of you & the times we had, I will never forget any of you.

I will do one more blog post (a goodbye post) after the new year. I’m thinking of making it a video post.
Do keep in mind that I’m still holding some hope that something will change for the better & I will be able to keep my lifecast
but time is running out & I just don’t know what to do.

So about donations

At this point in time I can only take donations over Bitcoin.
Because of PayPal policy changes, I can no longer use PayPal for donations.
Donate via BitCoin
Donate BitCoin to E-TARD The LifeCaster

I leave you with this quote from one of my favorite books.

In the Kamigata area they have a sort of tiered lunch box they use for a single day when flower viewing.
Upon returning, they throw them away, trampling them underfoot.
The end is important in all things.

UPDATE!!: I got some dates wrong.
My server will go offline on January 30th 2017
(before my website go’s offline I will make a full backup of it on*/
After that I will point my domains to my Twitter profile.
My domains and will go offline some point in February.
I am thinking about keeping my twitter profile but I’m not sure.
I will have more info in my next & last post.

My Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Experience

Medical Marijuana Delivery Service
After a few journeys to the cannabis clubs I have found them to be far away and inconvenient here in Southern California as well as 🙁 pricey.
So after having my fill of the cannabis clubs I started my investigation into medical marijuana delivery services.
I used the same resources that I used to find cannabis clubs near me:

click here for my profile on

I called many of them and found one that I thought would be good but ended up not working out for me because of poor product quality and high prices.
Now just remember that if you don’t like the guy or what he has and for how much, you don’t have to use him.
There are many medical marijuana delivery services out there and you really should find one that works best for you.
So after going back to the hunt for a delivery service that works best for me I came across a delivery service by the name of 
Mr. Herbs Collective.

His Links:
Mr. Herbs Collective Page on

My experience with Mr. Herbs Collective has met most of my needs
Cannabis,Edibles & Hash.
But there are other things I’m looking for like
Hash Oil, Weed Oil/Weed Goo, Kief, Pot Butter & other rare Marijuana Foods.
However, the product quality and the service of Mr. Herbs Collective far outweigh its few shortcomings.
Mr. Herbs also is quite knowledgeable about cannabis and how to grow it well.

The process of using a medical marijuana delivery service for the first time is simple.
Once you have found a delivery service you want to use,
just call them up & give them your medical marijuana card info then with in 24HRs you should be verified.
After being verified you can then talk more in-depth about cannabis with your delivery guy.
The next thing you need to discuss is a place where you feel comfortable meeting let it be home or some other location.

The photos you see in my Marijuana photo gallery are from a Delivery services & Dispensaries.

My Trip To The Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In the past month I have journeyed to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries aka cannabis clubs three times. The first time I went to the cannabis club I was a bit nervous but I noticed right away that it was a calm place & the people were chill. The first thing I noticed after walking in the door was the smell of cannabis in the air.
I went to the front desk & the receptionist ask for my cannabis card & ID and then told me to fill out some paper work.
I did not have to wait long before someone took me into the back room. Where I went ahead & picked out my cannabis medication. The budtender was most helpful in helping me pick out what I was looking for.

The photos you see in my Marijuana photo gallery are from a Delivery services & Dispensaries.

I Just Got My California Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana
Today I went to see my Cannabis Consultant Dr. to get my Medical Marijuana Card.
I did find it funny that I got to see him not far from 4/20 day & my appointment was at 4:10 LOL.
I kind of lagged on getting there, my dads GPS was being dumb.
When I got there I had a butt load of paperwork to fill out I could not even remember how many time I had to write my name.
After all that I went in to see the Doc, he was a nice man.
He was shocked to hear about my all the bad things that happened to my shoulder, as well as the pain drugs I have been on.
He asked me some questions then took a look at my shoulder.
We talked some more than told me well I’m going to approve you for the card. I was like ok cool.  🙂
I went back into the main office where we talked some more & they got my paperwork/card ready. To see the Doc it cost $100 & when I go back in a year to renew I don’t think it will cost as much to see him.
I will be doing a follow-up post on going to the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries also known as the Cannabis Club.

E-TARD The LifeCaster Travels to Ohio


  On October 24th 2009 I will be leaving from San Diego California airport to Columbus Ohio airport to see my girlfriend DzhaA, I will return on December 20th 2009 & yes I will be out there for my birthday thats on December 18th.
Sad 🙁 to say I will not be broadcasting during my stay with her,
DzhaA has slow DSL Internet that I can not broadcast from
but I will go into town from time to time & if I can find a WiFi access point to broadcast from I will.
so to keep posted for when I do go Live on Cam use one of the follow services
 • Follow Me on
 • Subscribe via SMS/TEXT Message
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You can find both the E-Mail & SMS/TEXT Message Subscribe Forms on the left column of
I also will be in my chat room most of the time
& will be online on Windows Live Messenger & MySpaceIM.
I know this sucks but I will take loads of pictures & will make some videos as well as use this time to work on some awesome Blog posts that I have put off for some time.
 It also it gives me the chance to work on my video editing skills now that I got CyberLink PowerDirector.
I hope you all will come by my chat room on the 23th for the last Hrs of my cast.