E-TARD The LifeCaster Travels to Ohio


  On October 24th 2009 I will be leaving from San Diego California airport to Columbus Ohio airport to see my girlfriend DzhaA, I will return on December 20th 2009 & yes I will be out there for my birthday thats on December 18th.
Sad 🙁 to say I will not be broadcasting during my stay with her,
DzhaA has slow DSL Internet that I can not broadcast from
but I will go into town from time to time & if I can find a WiFi access point to broadcast from I will.
so to keep posted for when I do go Live on Cam use one of the follow services
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I also will be in my chat room most of the time
& will be online on Windows Live Messenger & MySpaceIM.
I know this sucks but I will take loads of pictures & will make some videos as well as use this time to work on some awesome Blog posts that I have put off for some time.
 It also it gives me the chance to work on my video editing skills now that I got CyberLink PowerDirector.
I hope you all will come by my chat room on the 23th for the last Hrs of my cast.

3 comments to E-TARD The LifeCaster Travels to Ohio

  • avatar DzhaA

    title=”Countdown to E-TARD Visits DzhaA in Ohio”

  • avatar Brodie

    Have Fun!

  • avatar TechJohnson

    I hope you have having a great time in Ohio. I just noticed that you landed in Columbus, Ohio if I’m not mistaken. That’s awesome because on March 12th, I’ll be landing in Columbus, Ohio as well. I can say, “Awesome, E-Tard landed here!” Have a great time and I’ll be looking forward for your safe arrival.

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