I Just Got My California Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana
Today I went to see my Cannabis Consultant Dr. to get my Medical Marijuana Card.
I did find it funny that I got to see him not far from 4/20 day & my appointment was at 4:10 LOL.
I kind of lagged on getting there, my dads GPS was being dumb.
When I got there I had a butt load of paperwork to fill out I could not even remember how many time I had to write my name.
After all that I went in to see the Doc, he was a nice man.
He was shocked to hear about my all the bad things that happened to my shoulder, as well as the pain drugs I have been on.
He asked me some questions then took a look at my shoulder.
We talked some more than told me well I’m going to approve you for the card. I was like ok cool.  🙂
I went back into the main office where we talked some more & they got my paperwork/card ready. To see the Doc it cost $100 & when I go back in a year to renew I don’t think it will cost as much to see him.
I will be doing a follow-up post on going to the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries also known as the Cannabis Club.

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  • avatar DzhaA

    More, tell us more! How did you feel? Did you have to wait long to see the doctor? What was the office like? How about the waiting area? Comfy chairs? Crazy wallpaper? Were there others there waiting too and what were they like? How many trips did you make to the water fountain? -ok maybe not… lol.
    Anyway, I’m glad it all went well for you.

  • avatar Monica

    I have HORRIBLE back problems and was in therapy for over almost a year after I got rear ended about 8 yrs ago. I even had a law suit, etc. Do you think that will qualify me? Smoking is about the only thing that relaxes me. I grew up in a Homeopathic family so I try to stay away from alopathic medicine all together.

    Can we talk?

  • I was not keeping track of the time
    but I know it was a bit, I had soo much to fill out
    thats what I did most of the time I was there.

  • if you have soemthing on your body to show them then yes other then you will need to give them medical records showing them all of that
    and you may want to tell the doc all about how you come from a Homeopathic family.
    I don’t know where your from
    but here are some links that may help you
    if you are in California http://www.canorml.org/
    all other places http://www.norml.org/
    if you need more help go to my chat room.

  • avatar DzhaA

    You know how it is. I was just wishing I had been able to go along with you my sweetheart.

  • avatar jessica mullen

    beautiful story.

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