I Moved Back to Northern California

We Have Moved to CaliforniaSo as most of you know I have moved from Southern California back to the Bay Area aka Northern California.
What you don’t know is why I moved. I hate all of Southern California, it’s a shit hole In my book. There is no work there for me & I could no longer stand living with my father.
So I packed up a uhaul & headed north to my mom’s place in the East Bay which is not the best part of the Bay Area & is not where I’m from. I grew up in the South Bay which is where Silicon Valley is.
Now here is the bad news: due to financial problems I could not keep my $105 a month FDC Dedicated Server which was the server for my Live video feed. Without it I can’t broadcast & even if I could get a server to broadcast to my mom’s internet is way to slow. She has AT&T Uverse, I fucking hate AT&T they are so Evil.
So with AT&T Uverse she has 12 megabit download & 1 megabit upload. I need a 4 megabit upload to broadcast. With AT&T Uverse they only offer 2 megabits, does not matter which package you go with.
So with all that I can’t broadcast anymore. I’m not saying that my lifecast is over just on hold until I have the $$$ to start back up but I will try to blog/tweet more & try make more blog videos.

UpDate: February-17-2013
Good news my mom has moved to Comcast Internet & TV
the speed is 25 megabit download & 5 megabit upload.
I have also found a good Dedicated Servers at. http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/
Now that is way less then FDC servers but at this time that’s more than I can Spare. So I ask for donations so I can get this broadcast back up.

UpDate: March-16-2013
I got my “Arris TM822G” cable modem & I see a BIG difference in speed.
With this & the upgrade Comcast came out with I’m hitting max 60 megabits download & 16 megabits upload.

There is one other thing I forgot to add in my February update, when I do have the $$$$ to start my cast back up
I will be going with the commercial version CRTMPServer witch is known as EvoStream Media Server I will buy the “Perpetual License that has no expiration date” one time fee of $849.00 & I will have it. 😀
With EvoStream you can watch my LifeCast on anything PC with many players,any cell phone,TV & much much more.

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3 comments to I Moved Back to Northern California

  • avatar Codi (monroebot)

    E-Tard! I haven’t talked to you in what seems like forever. I was playing league of legends with someone who had etard in their name and I about lost my shit because I remembered all the time we spent talking in like 2007-2009. I hope you are well, find me on facebook!

  • WoW long time no talk.
    I was thinking about you not that long ago, When I came across a picture of you when I was cleaning out some files.
    I’m not on facebook only twitter

  • avatar Hexadecimus

    How have things been? Hit me back sometime.

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