About Me
My Name is E-TARD & I’m a 24/7 LifeCaster.
I have been LifeCasting for years.
I started my LifeCast on September 5, 2006 on Stickam.com, & soon it took off & not long after I became one of the Top LifeCasters on the Stickam with 380+ viewers & my video feed was featured on the Stickam home page for sometime.
Over time that site did not work out for me & I moved my LifeCast from Stickam.com to Justin.tv on September 26, 2007. There I was a FME beta tester on Justin.tv & also became one of the High Ranking Casters on Justin.tv but over time that site got taken over by TV hijackers & Ass Holes. So on March 9, 2008 I moved my LifeCast to Ustream.tv.
On November 14, 2010 I left Ustream.tv because the CEO/Founders of Ustream.tv became greedy pigs with so many Ads all over the site & video feed. They just did not care about any of their members at all.
So once again I moved my LifeCast to LiveStream.com on November 15, 2010.
On December 30, 2011 I got my own live streaming server!!!
It’s a Linux VPS running CRTMPSERVER.
Now there will no longer be Ads in the video feed & I can do what ever I want on the video feed.
I also have plans for my video feed to work with other media players then just Adobe Flash.
My hope is to get my feed to work with VLC, QuickTime, Roku, Android & IOS.

Also the Player & Chat Room embed codes will no longer change, so feel free to use the Flash Embed Codes on your WebSites/Blogs or anywhere you can embed flash widgets.

I’m old.
I was born in New York but moved to the Bay Area, California when I was 2.
Sunnyvale, California & Mountain View, California have been my Home for most of my life
until about July, 2006 when I moved with my dad to Southern California to the City of Temecula in Riverside County. It’s a boring place that’s cut off from any real City so I don’t go out much. I really Miss The Bay Area.
So I’m going to & move back to the Bay Area but I’m not sure when.
I have a job as an IT Security Consultant for various companies on the Net & I get to work from home on my PC which rules.
On September 01, 2012 I moved to back to the Bay Area, yes I’m back but not in the part I want to be in.
I’m in the East Bay staying at my mom’s place for now. I want to find a place in the South Bay.

My Interests are:
Music, Movies, Hiking, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Rollerblading & Transhumanism
I’m into Computers and the Internet in a big way, I love Computer Security, Network Security & Cryptography.

If you want to know more about ME then Hit ME Up In my Chat or go to my FAQ