Where is The Live WebCam Stream?

Where is The Live WebCam Stream






Many people have asked me “where is the live webcam stream?”
Well I need a virtual private server = (VPS) or a dedicated server to host my lifecast on, now that is not cheep & kind of hard to find.
I have found one VPS provider but I have not tested them out yet. (there are many VPS & dedicated server providers out there, that are full of shit :roll: )
This VPS provider I have found has: Unmetered 1000 Mbps Connection & that’s what I need to make this lifecast happen.
Cost is $17.99 a month but if you pay for a year it’s only $179.99
So my plans are when I have the money to start my LifeCast back up, I will pay for a month, run some hardcore tests & if everything works out. I will pay for a full year
but if this provider ends up “looking to good to be true” then I will have to find some other VPS or dedicated server provider that will meet my needs & not cost a ton of money.
So far I have no reason to think this VPS provider is not going to work out. So now about the Live Stream: Before I was streaming with RTMP to Flash Player, well as many of you know Adobe Flash is dying off & HTML5 video tags as well as HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS) are taking over in its place.
So I am thinking of moving away from RTMP & going with HLS but most server-side software cost money & the one I would go with is Evostream the price is $849.00 & it does so much (HLS), (MSS), (HDS), (RTMP), (RTSP), (MPEG-TS) but that’s money I don’t have.
So on my PC I will be running VLC as my Live Streaming Media Encoder & FFmpeg as the HLS media server. Now doing HLS this way is tricky to get working & I have only lightly played around with it, so there will be a learning curve when it comes to getting the stream working on all devices.
Here’s some bad news: It would seem crtmpserver project is dead so no more updates. I can go back to crtmpserver & hope the bugs I had to deal with before have been fixed, or I could use FFmpeg as an RTMP server.
No matter what server-side software I use when it comes to the PC side I’m done with “Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2” it’s VLC all the way for me.
So the live video stream aside my IRC chat server is kind of fucked up. The IRC services like NickServ are down & are not coming back until I move off this shitty IRCD & on to Inspircd.
Now the Chat Room works just some of the bells and whistles don’t work anymore & I have not had the time to move it over to Inspircd.
In some other news I am the owner of http://e-tard.net/ it will forward you to https://e-tard.tv I got the .net domain because some search engines only take .com .net .org TLD’s so having a .net helps & maybe some day I will get e-tard.com :mrgreen:
Now when I get my lifecast back up I’m going to make a Facebook app that will have my Live video stream, Chat room, Twitter feed & RSS reader for my Blog posts & comments but to do this I have to buy a Wildcard SSL Certificate (Facebook policies :roll: ) that’s about $94.00 a year. Also I would like to make an “Android app” for my lifecast but I’m still working out the details & No, there will never be an iOS app because of Apple’s dumb rules & bull shit that get in the way, maybe in the future I will make an iOS app for Cydia but don’t hold your breath.
Also some users have asked me “why do you bold the font in your blog post?” I did it because I thought it would be easier to read but some users think it’s odd so no more full bold blog posts 😉

Now about the “money”, right now I don’t have any money to put into this & I barely have the $138 a year for the VPS my website is on & domains. Also I’m out of work at this point in time. 🙁

——-SERVER UPDATE-12-29-2015——–
So the VPS provider did not work out 🙁
but I did find a dedicated server with a 1gbps unmetered internet connection.
Cost will be $108.90 a month, times that by a year = $1306.8 with that you can see why I’m pushing for more donations.
I have used this provider before so I know they are honest.
On a side note I have been working on what server side software I will be using to make the stream happen.
I will make a post on how to make your own live streaming server, so other people don’t have to deal finding all the right info.
——-SERVER UPDATE-12-29-2015——–

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Now some of you know that I almost died on January 2015
I ate some bad food that they make in this “grocery store” & I started barfing for 5 days & things went really bad after that.
I was in the ICU Isolation Room (isolation because they did not know what I had) for 4 days & a normal hospital room for 4 more days.
I was awake in the ICU but no one was home in the head, I was talking nonsense, moving my legs & arms around & I ripped out an IV (mind you don’t remember any of this) this went on for 4 days.
On the 4th day in the ICU around 4 pm I came out of it & I was like “where am I?” & “Can I get something to eat?” (mind you I haven’t eaten in 9 days)
What I had wrong with me: extreme dehydration, infectious colitis, c diff, sepsis, extremely low potassium!, partial liver failure, closet to full kidney failure
and I had fallen at home like 3 times & hit my head & knees, cut open my tongue on my teeth when I had fallen.
I had a team of 6 doctors who all told me “you should be dead” & that I’m lucky to be alive.
I’m ok now for the most part but even now they are still running tests.
I am in the middle of a lawsuit with the store, I can’t talk much about that but lets say I’m going to get something 💰 for almost dying.
Now I don’t know when I will see the “Money” from this lawsuit but it’s looking like some point in the end of this year, or the beginning of next year 😉

I Moved Back to Northern California

We Have Moved to CaliforniaSo as most of you know I have moved from Southern California back to the Bay Area aka Northern California.
What you don’t know is why I moved. I hate all of Southern California, it’s a shit hole In my book. There is no work there for me & I could no longer stand living with my father.
So I packed up a uhaul & headed north to my mom’s place in the East Bay which is not the best part of the Bay Area & is not where I’m from. I grew up in the South Bay which is where Silicon Valley is.
Now here is the bad news: due to financial problems I could not keep my $105 a month FDC Dedicated Server which was the server for my Live video feed. Without it I can’t broadcast & even if I could get a server to broadcast to my mom’s internet is way to slow. She has AT&T Uverse, I fucking hate AT&T they are so Evil.
So with AT&T Uverse she has 12 megabit download & 1 megabit upload. I need a 4 megabit upload to broadcast. With AT&T Uverse they only offer 2 megabits, does not matter which package you go with.
So with all that I can’t broadcast anymore. I’m not saying that my lifecast is over just on hold until I have the $$$ to start back up but I will try to blog/tweet more & try make more blog videos.

UpDate: February-17-2013
Good news my mom has moved to Comcast Internet & TV
the speed is 25 megabit download & 5 megabit upload.
I have also found a good Dedicated Servers at. http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/
Now that is way less then FDC servers but at this time that’s more than I can Spare. So I ask for donations so I can get this broadcast back up.

UpDate: March-16-2013
I got my “Arris TM822G” cable modem & I see a BIG difference in speed.
With this & the upgrade Comcast came out with I’m hitting max 60 megabits download & 16 megabits upload.

There is one other thing I forgot to add in my February update, when I do have the $$$$ to start my cast back up
I will be going with the commercial version CRTMPServer witch is known as EvoStream Media Server I will buy the “Perpetual License that has no expiration date” one time fee of $849.00 & I will have it. 😀
With EvoStream you can watch my LifeCast on anything PC with many players,any cell phone,TV & much much more.

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Road Trip Across America

Road Trip

On October 1st I will be flying to Ohio to help my girlfriend DzhaA move out to Southern California to live with me.
We will be on the road October 4th, on a road trip across america from Ohio to California, during this time I will be online with my laptop and unlimited 3G internet.
I will try to cast Live when I can but I don’t think it’s going to work out.
I will be posting many Tweets, pictures and maybe some videos.
I will also try to be present in the chat room when I am able.
Do follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/etard_webcam

My Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Experience

Medical Marijuana Delivery Service
After a few journeys to the cannabis clubs I have found them to be far away and inconvenient here in Southern California as well as 🙁 pricey.
So after having my fill of the cannabis clubs I started my investigation into medical marijuana delivery services.
I used the same resources that I used to find cannabis clubs near me:

click here for my profile on WeedMaps.com

I called many of them and found one that I thought would be good but ended up not working out for me because of poor product quality and high prices.
Now just remember that if you don’t like the guy or what he has and for how much, you don’t have to use him.
There are many medical marijuana delivery services out there and you really should find one that works best for you.
So after going back to the hunt for a delivery service that works best for me I came across a delivery service by the name of 
Mr. Herbs Collective.

His Links:
Mr. Herbs Collective Page on Legalmarijuanadispensary.com

My experience with Mr. Herbs Collective has met most of my needs
Cannabis,Edibles & Hash.
But there are other things I’m looking for like
Hash Oil, Weed Oil/Weed Goo, Kief, Pot Butter & other rare Marijuana Foods.
However, the product quality and the service of Mr. Herbs Collective far outweigh its few shortcomings.
Mr. Herbs also is quite knowledgeable about cannabis and how to grow it well.

The process of using a medical marijuana delivery service for the first time is simple.
Once you have found a delivery service you want to use,
just call them up & give them your medical marijuana card info then with in 24HRs you should be verified.
After being verified you can then talk more in-depth about cannabis with your delivery guy.
The next thing you need to discuss is a place where you feel comfortable meeting let it be home or some other location.

The photos you see in my Marijuana photo gallery are from a Delivery services & Dispensaries.

My Trip To The Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In the past month I have journeyed to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries aka cannabis clubs three times. The first time I went to the cannabis club I was a bit nervous but I noticed right away that it was a calm place & the people were chill. The first thing I noticed after walking in the door was the smell of cannabis in the air.
I went to the front desk & the receptionist ask for my cannabis card & ID and then told me to fill out some paper work.
I did not have to wait long before someone took me into the back room. Where I went ahead & picked out my cannabis medication. The budtender was most helpful in helping me pick out what I was looking for.

The photos you see in my Marijuana photo gallery are from a Delivery services & Dispensaries.